Helping female physicians who feel overwhelmed enjoy work again.
Resiliency practice rooted in Psychology + Neuroscience + Coaching
Your quick guide to Feel Better NOW
Helping female physicians who feel overwhelmed enjoy work again.
Resiliency rooted in Psychology + Neuroscience + Coaching 
Your quick guide to Feel Better NOW!
Are you a busy female physician feeling chronically overwhelmed and exhausted?

You are not alone. I was once there too.

As a rural family physician, I understand all too well the challenges of working in modern medicine.

I help overwhelmed female physicians enjoy work again. Your suffering ends now.

The best news is that nothing in your work circumstances needs to change for you to start feeling better. You can have true job satisfaction even in this challenging medical climate. It is possible to live an authentically balanced lifestyle as a modern physician – all without sacrificing the ability to treat patients in a meaningful way.

I am Dr. Melissa Fransky, a practicing Canadian rural family physician. I wear many hats: sister, daughter, Dr.Mom, wife, friend and emotional freedom coach. I discovered my passion for helping others after weathering my own journey of burnout and have since dedicated time to support other female physicians seeking to break free from the bonds of overwhelm and exhaustion in medicine. I bring a unique blend of professional expertise rooted in medicine and personal insight forged through my own experiences to my coaching practice. I help other female physicians find their way back to enjoying medicine again.

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What is an UnlockedMD?
  •  She is free from overwhelm and burnout.
  • She has clarity on her purpose and lives with intention.
  • She understands her unique psychology, neurocircuitry and biology and uses this knowledge to propel her life forward. 
  • She knows how to establish boundaries firmly and kindly.
  • She has taken the time to build a relationship with her self that prioritizes compassion. She freely gives that compression to herself and extends it to others.
  • Her worth is without question.
  • She is no longer tethered to the judgement, thoughts and opinions of others.
  • She is not burdened with negative self talk.    
 What do you get when you become an UnlockedMD? -> 
Increased productivity and efficiency in your practice which saves you time and $
Ability to manage difficult encounters with more ease
Reclaimed balance between home and work
Movement from
Exhaustion to Energy
Fully sovereign.
Free from external control

Working with Dr Fransky was pivotal in understanding and moving through burnout for me. Her ability to incorporate neuro-physiology, a nervous system focused approach as well as forward looking coaching approach was pivotal in helping me understand what burnout meant in my body and find pathways out of it.  She is an open, inviting ear, acknowledging the struggles and harms we may experience as health care workers, while always maintaining focus on the present and future steps.  Working with her was an important step for me in moving through burnout, I would highly recommend. - SL
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